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Calum is a warm, down-to-earth, young man from the West Coast of Scotland who fell in love with the accordion at the tender age of 7. As a young boy with the desire to learn more, he spent more years learning the rudiments from the best accordionists in the Highlands until he eventually created his unique style. Though he hailed from Fort William, Calum moved to Inverness in 2007 where he strived to focus on his technique.

With an innate desire to tour the world with his band, like his father, Calum and Sean Cousins arranged a combination of melodious tunes to perform at a Christmas Party in 2012. His dream finally came true after a few weeks as he and Sean Cousins formed their band, Hò-rò.

The musical group have received acceptance and shown signs of progression over the years as they won the "Danny Kyle" award at the Celtic Connections, and "One Step Further" competition at the Hebridean Celtic Festival in 2014. The band later had their first performance in Italy in the latter part of 2014. The band also released its debut album in the summer of 2016 and had an incredible tour across the Highlands & Islands of Scotland promoting the album, which has received massive acceptance.

Recently, Calum released his first video singing Dougie MacLean's "She Loves Me" with the song going viral on social media platforms. Calum is an energetic musician who has performed in Italy, Belgium, France, and Germany. Calum started playing as a solo singer in 2017 with his accordion. Despite a busy schedule with the band, he still has time to perform in hotels and pubs across Scotland. He released his debut EP in the latter part of 2017.

In 2014, Calum received a sponsorship from Murray at Highland Accordions, who offered him the opportunity to get his first-ever handmade accordion from Italy, which he christened "Wee Casino." This accordion remains his favourite instrument to-date.

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"Calum MacPhail is a brilliant young player with the world quite literally at his fingertips. Alongside his natural talent, his hard work and determination will make him destined to succeed"

- Gary Innes